How to Massage Prostate for Men? Prostate Massage Guide

Author: Bestvibe Date:10-06-2022

Finding the prostate.

You can find the prostate by inserting your fingers through the anus, or if you are in a relationship, your partner can do it too. It's like dancing to a slow song: you can do it alone, but it's a lot more fun with someone else. Remember the use of lubricant so that the experience goes smoothly.

Once you have inserted your fingers through the rectum, about two or three inches, curve your fingers towards the navel. You will find a ball, as if you had reached a slightly hard nut. That is your prostate. Obviously, it's going to be easier to find if you're really aroused because it will have swollen, so you can leave the exploration for moments of maximum pleasure. If you find it difficult to find the prostate in yourself or in your partner, or if you just want to reach it more easily, you can also help yourself with toys and prostate stimulators specially designed for it.

How to carry out the massage.

Prostate massage is also used as an erotic massage for sexual stimulation, often to achieve orgasm. It is possible for some men to achieve orgasm only through stimulation of the prostate. The prostate is sometimes called the "male G-spot" or "P-spot." Some men can achieve orgasm through stimulation of the prostate gland through techniques such as prostate massage or prostate massage. Prostate stimulation can produce a stronger, more powerful, and "deeper" sensation than penile stimulation alone, described by some men as more extended, intense, and lasting, and allowing a greater sense of ecstasy than orgasm from penile stimulation alone. However, although the experiences are different, male orgasms from penile stimulation also focus on the prostate gland.

Prostate massage can also be a sexual practice in the sexual lives of couples, although it is not as common. The availability of equipment and products for prostate massage may encourage people to try it. However, many couples do not purchase such devices, but instead use a finger for anal penetration and prostate stimulation to enhance the man's orgasm. The finger of the prostate massager is inserted into the rectum through the anus, and the prostate gland is gently massaged. The main problem with using the finger is that it may be too short to reach the prostate gland. Prostate massage can be done individually or with the help of a partner.

There are safety issues related to prostate stimulation and anal penetration. It is highly recommended that plenty of lubricant be used with prostate massagers to prevent damage to the rectal lining. A smaller instrument or finger may be gradually introduced to minimize the discomfort that some may feel. Massagers can be used with or without a condom. However, due to bacteria found in the rectum, if a condom is not used, it is very important to clean the tool with soap before using it in another orifice or by a partner. Receiving anal stimulation can cause the feeling of having to have a bowel movement. More often than not, this is just a sensation that causes the stimulation and can take some getting used to.

How to prepare to enjoy a prostate massage.

  • Evacuates the intestine: The rectum is the part of the intestine that evacuates feces. If you want to avoid an accidental bowel movement while enjoying prostate stimulation, make sure you go to the bathroom before you start.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are essential. It is very important to have good hygiene specific to the area. The anal area contains its own bacteria; although everything seems to be clean, it is not a completely aseptic environment. If you are worried about unexpected leaks, you can help yourself with an enema, although it is not recommended to do it more than 3 times a week since it can generate dependency on the natural processes of defecation. 
  • Extra lubrication: the anus is an area that does not have natural lubrication. That is why it is recommended that when you start experimenting, you help yourself with a relaxing anal lube so that everything goes smoothly.
  • Communication as a couple: It is essential to feel the desire both to do it and to receive it. If you are going to do it as a couple, consult before. Both parties must agree without you feeling uncomfortable.
  • Relaxation is very important, whether you are going to receive the massage, give it or enjoy it yourself. Take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy the experience you are going to live.
  • Attention to the hands: it is possible that long or chipped nails can hurt you or cause unwanted injuries when the stimulation goes further. Cut and file your nails or those of the person who is going to perform the massage to avoid any roughness.
  • Find the right position: whether you are going to explore on your own or with a partner, it is important that you find a position where you have easy access to the area to be stimulated. You can help yourself with a chair or lie on a flat surface like a sofa or the edge of a bed. If you bring your knees towards your chest, the anal area will be more exposed, thus facilitating the massage.

Types of prostate massage.

There is no single prostate massage, but if these massages have something in common, it is how to know that you are stimulating the P-spot correctly. The prostate gland can be easily felt with a finger inside the rectum. If you do your homework well, you will soon begin to enjoy completely new stimuli for you.

1. Indirect massage

It is not recommended to try penetration directly at the beginning of the game, so we will start any type of prostate massage from the outside, in the perineum area (between the testicles and the anus). The anus can be gently massaged with one of the fingers or with the tongue to adapt to that sensation.

2. Direct massage

It is done directly through the anus, with fingers or toys. If you insert a well-lubricated finger through the anus and curve it slightly towards the abdominal wall, as if you were calling someone. Voila, localized prostate. Always start by stimulating little by little with a gentle massage, making small touches from less to more pressure to get used to the new sensations.

3. Double stimulation

Can you feel even more pleasure? If possible, If you combine any of these massages with the stimulation of the penis through masturbation, oral sex, or while enjoying penetration, The result can be even more exciting.

There are toys specially designed to help make the practice of anal sex more pleasant. Prostate stimulators, dilators specific to point P and the full range of anal lubricants that help to gradually dilate the anus before stimulation. You can also use other non-specific toys such as vibrators and dildos as long as you use them to stimulate that point. You can even use toys designed to stimulate the G-spot because they also have that curved shape at the tip that will help you stimulate the prostate.

Prostate massage benefits.

Prostate stimulation has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. Remember that sexual practices have no orientation. Regardless of your sexual orientation, you can enjoy it as you do with other practices and other types of stimulation.

If you have not yet decided to try prostate stimulation, we will tell you what benefits it can bring you. Prostate stimulation can bring you numerous benefits beyond pleasure.

  • It alleviates pain, which is important because UTIs are excruciatingly painful. Prostate massage is indicated to reduce this inflammation and help with pain.
  • helps in the prevention of disorders since massage helps to drain fluids properly.
  • Its stimulation is linked to a lower probability of prostate cancer.
  • The stimulation of the prostate can make you ejaculate and climax.
  • You will discover new sensations and a new form of pleasure. Many people have the belief that male anatomy is simple and has nothing to envy the female, but it must be explored.
  • Stimulating this area of your body as a couple will make you innovate and improve your experience. Its stimulation can help delay ejaculation and maintain an erection.
  • It is very beneficial for your sexual health. It helps relieve pain, prevents prostate cancer and the appearance of disorders by helping to drain fluids properly.


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