Use Cat Tail Butt Plugs During Sex to Add Fun to Pet Play

Author: Bestvibe Date:10-06-2022

If you want a cat tail plug that comes in many colors (black, white, pink, rainbow, and more), The 2.75-inch toy might be a good choice. Its small size makes it a good choice for beginners. The stainless-steel base of the plug is smooth, easy to clean and works with any type of lubricant.

What is a Butt Plug?

First things first, if you're not sure what exactly a butt plug is, it's important to cover it up before looking at the types. You've probably already seen a butt plug if you've been to a sex toy store online or in real life. Unlike a vibrator, which is designed to thrust and mimic sex, butt plugs stay in place. They are there to help you get used to anal play or simply to provide a complete sensation to the people who enjoy it. Anal plugs are distinguished by their shape. You will quickly notice that they have a flared design. This is intentionally created to make insertion easier and prevent the plug from being sucked into the rectum.

Walking with a plug inserted creates friction and a sensation that some people love. Many people also choose butt plugs because they don't get in the way during other sexual activities. For example, they are easy to use during sexual intercourse. You can find some of our recommended buttplugs here. Tail plugs are the same as ordinary plugs, but with a tail attached to the end.

Think about how you would attach a tail to your Halloween costume, except you don't have to wear anything but the tail. Some of them have detachable tails that clip on or have a magnetic design that allows you to add or remove the tail. That way, you can also use it as a normal anal plug. Now, a butt plug without a detachable tail isn't exactly discreet, though you may be able to tuck some of the smaller tails under a skirt or dress. But this style of buttplug is much cuter, and that alone is often enough to justify the less discreet design.

Sexual intercourse on a regular basis strengthens the links of closeness between a couple's members and raises their sexual desire. However, merely having sex as a couple isn't enough; you must also consider how to stay creative so that habit never sets in. You can rapidly make a really exciting sexual game to warm up the mood in your bedroom with the fox tail anal plug. The fox tail anal plug is a sex gadget meant to add animal role play to your sex life.

Types of tail plugs

There are many different types of tails, including fox tails with a long bushy design, raccoon tails with straps, long thin cat tails, dog and puppy tails, and corkscrew pigtails. You can also find fluffy bunny tails and long horse (or pony) tails. While most of the time, they come in natural colors, you can also find multicolored or non-natural color options. The fur on these products is typically synthetic, but some use real fur. If you're vegan, it's worth making sure the product uses faux fur or is cruelty-free.

Plug materials

When it comes to sex toys, the material of the insertable part of the product is very important. Sure, it's tempting to buy the cheapest option, but quality matters when it comes to your most sensitive areas. While the appearance of the tail is important, using a secure socket is even more critical than aesthetics. Fortunately, there are many body-safe options. As mentioned, a flared design is essential to avoid mishaps like losing the toy in the rectum. Since your anus is a sphincter, it's critical that you don't put items inside it that could get lost.

Although the tail will provide some security against this mishap, a flared bottom toy is still the only acceptable type of butt plug out there. Here are some body-safe anal plug materials to look for in your next plug:

a. medical grade silicone.

b. temperature resistant glass.

c. Stainless steel.

d. ABS plastic.

The temperature-resistant glass will ensure that you can safely use your toy for temperature play. Since silicone and stainless steel are non-porous, they are also the easiest to clean. However, this translates into a trade-off, as they tend to cost more. Please note that while some types may be safe, I advise you to avoid rubber butt plugs because rubber is a porous material that is nearly impossible to fully disinfect. Combine that with the bacteria in the anal region and you're better off avoiding this stuff altogether.

Importance of the use of cat tail buttplugs

a. Prostate stimulation for men: When a guy wears the plug, the stimulation of the P spot provides him with optimal arousal. The prostate is a male gland that generates prostatic fluids, which mix with spermatozoa from the testicles to form the composition of sperm. In men, it is a particularly erogenous zone. She will make you ejaculate without your knowledge once you are sufficiently stimulated.

b. It promotes orgasm in women: By stimulating the G-spot in women, the stimulation causes a strong feeling and an orgasmic result. Finally, once within you, the anal plug presses against the vaginal wall, narrowing your canal and increasing the excitement of vaginal penetration. As a result, when the anal plug is used, ladies experience inexplicable feelings, especially when they are entered vaginally. When having vaginal intercourse with the plug implanted in the anus, many women report feeling "stuffed" or "full." The anal plug in the anus tightens the vagina, causing the jerks to be felt more strongly. As a result, every one of your pleasure orifices will be overflowing with enough pleasure to make you feel ecstatic.

Thanks to the great pleasurable experiences that the cat tail buttplug offers, this has become one of the most popular erotic toys, which is nothing strange considering that, unlike other sexual devices, it can be enjoyed equally by men and women..


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