How To Use A Butt Plug For Men During Sex.

Author: Bestvibe Date:10-06-2022

The anal plug is a sex toy that is focused on its use by both men and women and that differs from other vibrators and dildos by having a base that is wider to prevent it from entering completely inside the anus, something fundamental. Taking into account that in the event that it was completely introduced, it would be necessary to go to an emergency service to extract it. Thanks to this wide area, there is no reason to risk any use, so you will only enjoy the great pleasure they offer to both genders, especially men.

Known as an anal plug or also an anal plug, this is an erotic toy that is used to give pleasure and stimulate the anus area. If you are a beginner and want to know and enjoy the pleasure of anal sex, the anal plug is the first option that you should know. They are made with different materials, but soft and gelatinous materials stand out. In this way, their insertion will be more comfortable and pleasant.

The anal plug is made with latex, metal, neoprene, wood, among many others, but also with silicone, and this is the one that we recommend in principle, since in addition to being biocompatible, it can also be washed with boiling water and guarantee its correct cleaning. Among the great diversity of designs and colors of the anal plug, we can find some that vibrate, others that 'ejaculate' water or some other liquid, others that swell and deflate, always maintaining the principle of a conical shape with a round tip.

Regarding its hygiene, it is recommended to clean it after use and also keep it in a clean area. Many recommend that it be covered with a condom for its use, and in this way, it will be possible to have a more lubricated penetration as well as more adequate hygiene. So, you just have to choose your favorite color and buy your anal plug, and start enjoying greater pleasures.

The anal plug in men

The anal plug is the best ally for every man who enjoys or practices anal exploration. Without a doubt, there is no other more satisfying game to play with your partner. Today, being in the 21st century, there are many myths about the use of artifacts in the anus of men. Why be scared? Why should we criticize the sexual games of others? Every couple or person has the right to choose how they want to enjoy their intimacy. Sex is free; it has no rules or manual. 

The anal plug is one of the most appropriate sex toys for men since the G-spot for the prostate gland is located in the anus, which gives them enormous pleasure when stimulating it. Just by inserting this toy into the anus, you can get a highly exciting massage that can even lead the man to ejaculate. With its use, the man feels greater sexual arousal and sensations of greater intensity during orgasm.

How to use the butt plug

Using the anal plug is one of the best options that exist for all those people who, being a man or a woman, feel the need to experiment with anal sex despite the fact that they may lack the courage to do so, as well as for all those who want to enjoy it to play either alone or as a couple.

To use this erotic toy, the following considerations must be taken into account:

1.The anal plug is smaller and more discreet than other types of dildos, with a kind of plug or ring at the end so that it can be easily manipulated and, at the same time, prevent it from getting trapped inside the anal plug. anus.

2.Thanks to its thin tip, it allows penetration to be very smooth by gradually dilating the anus. On the market, they are available with different diameters and lengths to suit each person.

3.This sex toy can be used both to masturbate alone and to do it with a partner, being suitable for men and women.

4.Before using this element, it must be washed with water and neutral soap—care that must be carried out after use.

5.A water-based lubricant should be used to make the experience much more pleasant since the anus does not lubricate and, if not, discomfort could be felt, at least at first. To fully enjoy the anal plug, you must be relaxed. It is recommended to use it with a partner for greater pleasure, especially if you have never experienced anal sex before. Once the anus is lubricated, initially insert the tip and slowly insert the rest of the toy.

6.Once it is inside the anus, gentle movements should be made to intensify the experience. Some models have a vibrator, so the pleasure is even greater.

The best anal plug for men.

The best anal plug for men is the one that contains a vibrating device. Below you will find the specifications and complete information on this sexual device. This type of plug is the most recommended for men due to its vibrating action. As mentioned before, the male G-spot is located on the walls that rub against the prostate.

The vibrating anal plug is small, soft, most commonly made of silicone, and easy to manipulate and carry everywhere. Its design is easy to insert and, therefore, a better form of adaptation. It is resistant to water. The best thing is that it has a vibrating bullet, so when you are playing with your partner you will control the vibration you want. It will not only provide you with rich pleasure, but it will also allow your partner to see that you are enjoying what he is doing to you. Now that you know which is the best anal plug for men, don't hesitate to go buy it and enjoy it. If you add enough stimulation to the anus to this game, kisses, licks, and caresses, you will be satisfied.

Thanks to the great pleasurable experiences that the anal plug offers, this has become one of the most popular erotic toys, which is nothing strange considering that, unlike other sexual devices, it can be enjoyed equally by men and women. especially in the male gender.


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