How To Use A Butt Plug To Stimulate A Male's G Spot

Author: Bestvibe Date:10-06-2022

Traditionally, anal sex has been a taboo subject, and therefore, those who enjoy it have been inhibited from being able to express their sexuality and tastes freely. During the last decade, that thought has been changing, and currently, it is already seen as it should have been seen forever, something normal.

Most people who like anal sex at first usually feel pain because they have never tried it before. There is the anal plug, which, as we will explain later, is perfect to get started in this practice. 

What is an anal plug?

Now, what is an anal plug? It is a toy designed to help you increase anal pleasure. It stimulates the nerve endings of the anus through the pressure it exerts. Also, it helps to discover new ways to achieve orgasm. Their main function is to dilate the anus, although they can also be used for decoration and role-playing. In addition, it serves to increase pleasure, leaving it inserted while other areas of the body begin to be stimulated. 

Anyone can use it, whether you are a man or a woman. There are different types and sizes, and during the reading of this blog you will be able to discover which one best suits you. The anal plug-in stimulates point A. It is an area that is inside the vagina, which helps to achieve orgasm quickly and effectively. 

In men, the anal plug is perfect for stimulating the G-spot. It is located in the prostate, near the anus, where, as we have mentioned before, there are many nerve endings that stimulate pleasure.

Ideal materials for an anal plug

There is a wide variety of materials from which plugs can be made. Not all are equally good for the user due to the fact that they have to use those that are appropriate and that are neither porous nor toxic. It is important to note that the anus is made up of mucosa. Therefore, it is very sensitive to infections. 

Due to their low price, gelatin plugs are one of the best options. It is always advisable to use a condom to have complete security. On the other hand, we find silicone plugs, which are usually a little more expensive than the previous ones, but they are much safer and more comfortable. It is recommended that any type of water-based lubricant be used with this toy, so as not to damage it. 

Metal, glass, and ceramic are strong and safe for the body, as they can be sterilized by boiling. They are quite cold toys, which can cause very pleasant sensations. Once they are inserted into the anus, they take on temperature very quickly. 

How to use an anal plug?

It is a perfect sex toy to start your journey into anal sex. It is very small and usually has a cap at the end, making it ideal to be able to remove it without any problem. Normally, this type of toy has a fine and thin tip. It is ideal to be able to dilate the anal opening without any problems and obtain great satisfaction. It is essential that both before and after using it, you wash it with warm water and soap.

How to use an anal plug. Step by Step 

The first step, although it seems obvious and super easy, is not. This step is relaxation. To enjoy the pleasure that the use of the anal plug guarantees you, you cannot be in tension since you could cause damage to the anus. Due to this, we always recommend that you be relaxed and make your first contact with the product in the most natural and correct way possible. It is important to note that hydration is essential during anal sex. Anal plugs are also used to avoid pain and increase the sensation of pleasure. For this hydration, the best option is the use of water-based lubricants. Its texture is ideal for softening and moistening the anal opening, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience. This type of lubricant helps make sexual intercourse smoother and more pleasant, so it benefits those who use it. Apart from lubricating the anal area, this type of lubricant offers a maximum and lasting displacement to improve the sexual experience. 

Once you are hydrated, it is the ideal time to gently and delicately insert the anal plug as far as you feel ready. Finally, remove the product whenever you want. You must repeat this process until the toy enters easily and as far as possible for the best possible experience. It is important to remind you that these toys are normally for initiation into anal sex. They are ideal to widen the anus and thus be able to feel an exquisite delight at the time of said practice. It is recommended that when you finish using the anal plug, it is cleaned with antibacterial gel. They are perfect for leaving it as if it had never been used and giving a unique sensation of softness. In addition, they can be used for cleaning intimate areas. They tend to reduce body odors and work as prophylaxis against microbes, bacteria, and viruses against intense infections.

Types of Anal Plugs

As we have mentioned before, there is a great variety of this type of sex toys, therefore, we are going to describe the most used ones.

8-Frequency Vibration Thrusting Anal Vibrator Butt Plug

It is a vibrating anal plug with stimulation of various types that comes to bend the pleasure of the experience. These stimulations can be managed using a remote control. It is ideal for both him and her due to its great versatility. It is ideal for beginning anal sex due to its small dimensions and vibrations that provide exquisite and incomparable pleasure. Its shape is conical, its tip is rounded, and it is made of silicone. It is waterproof, so you can use it both in the shower and in the bathtub. 

A vibrating anal plug that gently stimulates the prostate and anus. It has a conical structure with two motors, a soft silicone surface, and a fairly wide base. It is a product that provides a lot of security when extracting it. It is perfect for transport due to its size and weight, and it is rechargeable by USB. In addition, it is waterproof and water resistant. It can be used on many occasions without preventing you from enjoying new and unique experiences.

Bestvibe Large Size 9 Vibration Anal Vibrator Butt Plug

It's the perfect anal sex toy for any sex due to its versatility and its 9 different and powerful vibration programs. It is a cylindrical product, so it is ideal to be able to stimulate the anal area softly, pleasantly, and delicately. It is made of soft and safe silicone. There shouldn't be any kind of problem when it comes to enjoying this new product and the pleasure it can give you. In addition, its rounded base is large enough for comfortable extraction. It can be charged via USB, and it is waterproof, making it an ideal product to transport quickly and easily.


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