What Is a Dildo and Why Every Woman Should Own One?

Author: Bestvibe Date:30-05-2022

The sex tech industry has grown considerably in the past decade in terms of awareness, cultural acceptance, and technology. Gone are the days sex toys felt like cheap knock-offs. Today sex toys are designed by professionals like medical specialists and sex educators. And as a woman, there is no better time to invest in your self-care than now. There is a toy for everyone, from vibrators, wand massagers, and dildos, to anal toys. Dildos are the most common sex toys. But what is a dildo, and why should you invest in one as a woman? Read on to find out.   

What Is a Dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy designed for anal or vaginal penetration, although there are many ways you can use a dildo. They are phallic-shaped with a defined top resembling a man's penis. Dildos differ in terms of girth, style, length, and material. The shape of a dildo depends on its intended use. For instance, slightly curved dildos are perfect for G-spot and prostate stimulation. There are also dildos designed for strapping on with a harness, dildos for double penetration, and dildos with a suction base. 

Types Of Dildos

Dildos are meant to recreate penis penetration. Some even have a pair of balls, just like a man's penis. The sizes vary from small, large to massively large. When buying a dildo, here are the many types that you may come across.

Vibrating Dildos

As the name suggests, a vibrating dildo is a type of dildo designed with an extra vibrating feature. You can turn on the vibration for that extra jest of pleasure. Vibrating dildos are very popular for solo sessions. Even better, the vibration can stimulate your clitoris in ways very few sex toys can. 

Squirting Dildos

Nothing beats the feeling of ejaculation, whether with a partner or alone. Squirting dildos are different from standard dildos in that they are more technical. These dildos come with a pump that releases a liquid into your vagina at will. 

Beaded Dildos

Beaded dildos are uniquely designed and popular among women, just as vibrating dildos. The beaded design makes them more ideal for anal stimulation. Such dildos feature a suction cup at the base for more stimulation. 

Double-Ended Dildos

Double-ended dildos feature a unique design that allows for double penetration. Such a dildo can penetrate two partners simultaneously, and most of them come with a vibrating feature of extra stimulation. Double-ended dildos work with most sex styles, but you need more lube. If you are using such a dildo for solo play, bend the end to penetrate your vagina and anus simultaneously.  

Strap-On Dildos

Strap-on dildos have two parts- a dildo and a harness. One person straps the harness to their crotch and uses the dildo part to penetrate their partner. The dildo part has a flat base that you can secure to a surface and use for solo play without the harness. 

Rabbit Vibrators 

Rabbit vibrators are every woman's dream. Why? These fantastic little sex toys can penetrate the vagina while stimulating the clitoris resulting in maximum stimulation in all the right places. Rabbit vibrators come with either a vibrating or thrusting feature.  

Why A Dildo Is a Must-Have for Every Woman

What is a dildo, and why get one? A dildo is a sex toy you can use to explore your body. A dildo lets you know what works for you so that you can translate that to your partner. Are you still on the fence about getting a dildo? Read on to find out why you should buy one now. 

You Learn More About What You Like

With a dildo, you control the speed, depth, and angle to what works for you. Dildos do this without all the pressure of finishing that a partner brings. Knowing what works for you can be a turning point in your sex life because you can then pass this info to your partner. With a dildo, especially a vibrating one, you can discover just what areas of your body are the most sensitive. 

Guaranteed Orgasms

Don't get me wrong; a dildo could never replace the intimacy and connection that having sex with an actual partner brings. But there will come a time when you want some alone time to explore your body and have as many orgasms as possible, and a dildo will do that. Not all women orgasm during penetrative sex. If you do, good for you, sister! Dildos take it over the top when it comes to orgasms. 

Can Spice Up Your Sex Life 

Sometimes sex can get boring without intending it to, especially if you are always doing the same thing. Even if every time you get down to it with your partner is mind-blowing, change can just be as good. Introducing a sex toy like a dildo into your sex life can shift the dimension of your relationship to something even better. If you are in a slump in your sex life, a dildo can get you out of that and remind you of that first day you were tearing each other's clothes off. 

Takes The Pressure Off Your Partner 

Most women have difficulty achieving orgasm through sexual intercourse or manual stimulation. This means that your partner has to work hard every time you have sex to satisfy you, which may leave them feeling dejected and defeated. Introducing a dildo will allow your partner to help you reach extraordinary levels of pleasure without all the pressure. And who knows, your partner might also want a piece of the action, thus improving your sex life.  

Increases Your Body Positivity and Confidence

You can never truly enjoy sex until you become sexually confident. A dildo helps you realize just what your body is capable of. This is especially true if you never orgasm. Once you know that you can also reach that level of pleasure like other women, you will have more respect for your body and look forward to every sexual session.

Boosts Libido

A dildo helps one achieve fantastic orgasms, and once you start, there is no stopping. I mean, the whole point of sex is that magical release, right? When you get used to a dildo and achieve orgasms every time, it will increase your desire for sex, and your libido follows soon after. Naturally, your body will be craving those intense orgasms which will skyrocket your sex drive. 


The most commonly asked question by most women is; what is a dildo, and why would I need one? A dildo doesn't have to replace your partner when it comes to sex. As a woman, you should have a dildo for those days when you just want some time to yourself. A dildo can also help you discover what works for you so you can pass that information to your partner. You can even use a dildo to spice up things with your partner and take the pressure of satisfying you off him. The point is that every woman could do with a dildo.


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