How To Use A Double Penetration Dildo For Maximum Pleasure

Author: Bestvibe Date:26-05-2022

Although the most common interpretation of double penetration is for the girl to be penetrated vaginally and anally at the same time, there are many variations: simultaneous penetration of two openings with two objects separated (with penises, dildos, finger vibrators, etc.) or two objects inserted into one opening (such as the vagina, mouth, anus, etc.). As numerous toys, dildos, and other toys, double penetration is not just for heterosexual couples.

Double Penetration With Your Partner

If you are going to practice double penetration with your partner, we recommend that you follow the following points to fully enjoy this incredible experience. Choose a long-lasting, body-safe lubricant and keep it on hand throughout the experience. If you have decided to use silicone toys, a water-based lubricant is ideal. On the other hand, a silicone lubricant will offer a longer playtime with a smoother feel, ideal for when silicone toys are not being used.

If you are the one who is going to have the double penetration, make a decision about the vibrators or toys that will be used. If she's using toys and plug-s, make sure you're comfortable with the size and shape, possibly spending some time exploring them alone before any paired play occurs. Sometimes it can be helpful to have various sizes of dildos and plugs available so you can adjust play if the toys seem too big or not enough. If you wear harnesses, try them on beforehand to make sure they are comfortable, fit the right size, and can be worn in the correct position.

Remember that there are many styles of strap-ons, including single dildo strap-ons, double dildo strap-ons, and even strap-ons that can be strapped to your thigh. No matter what your experience or ability, there are toys available to meet your needs.

Masturbating Alone With The Double-sized Dildos.

A double-sided dildo is a funny thing, isn't it? What is a dildo with two tips, exactly? Simply said, this is an adult-only intimate item. Its main benefit is that it may be utilized for a variety of naughty activities. And, no, fellas, it's not just for lesbians to use. If you have decided to masturbate and enjoy an unprecedented orgasm, you can do it with a double dildo. There are realistic ones with a suction base so that you can leave them on a wall or floor attached and you can move them as you please. There are also handheld ones, so you can enjoy lying down in a relaxed way. They should not be confused with double vibrators or with the rabbit vibrator, since they are designed to stimulate your clitoris and vagina. Finally, we recommend that you use a lubricant with your sex toys so that your experience is perfect.

Tips To Practice It

1. Doggy style is probably the best position to practice double penetration. You can rest on all four limbs while your partner uses a double strap-on to penetrate your vagina and anus from behind.

2. Note the order of insertion. If you want to insert a penis into your vagina while wearing a butt plug, inserting the plug first may make it easier for you to move and change positions. You can also use an anal vibrator for double penetration.

3. Follow your body's natural intuition. Everybody is different, so a position that works for one person may be uncomfortable for another.

4. The lining of the fabric in the rectum is soft and elastic. So, give up hard and fast movements when penetrating the anus.

5. Do not allow the person or object that has been entering the anus to switch to the vagina. Changing places during intercourse can transfer anal bacteria to the vagina and can cause infections.

6. If your mouth is one of the orifices that will be used, create a signal beforehand in case you want everything to stop or slow down during the act. Our suggestion? Touching the bed once with your hand means to slow down; touching the bed twice with your hand means to stop. And if your mouth isn't being used, it's important to have a safe word if it's getting too harsh.

7. Avoid a numbing lubricant. The last thing you want to do is numb your nether regions to the limit and then be sore in the morning.

Double Penetration And The Search For Pleasure

One well-known porn actor said, "I was shocked and deeply moved by the response of a woman involved in the first time I tried double penetration." I expected a long, slow process. The reality, to my surprise and delight, was that she took it pretty well, and within the first minute she was having continuous orgasms, a long sequence of repetitive orgasms that seemingly never ended.

When it comes to great pleasure stimulation, even women who don't particularly like anal sex often double penetrate with a toy and find it immensely pleasurable, and this is due to the shared nerve endings of anal sex. On the vaginal and anal walls, there are nerve endings that receive stimulation on both sides, instead of just one. There are women who find anal sex a painful experience, but these same women often find double penetration incredibly pleasurable, so if that's you, you're not alone. The perianal nerves and surrounding tissue (called the perianal sponge in women) are responsible for the heightened levels of sexual pleasure derived from the anus and its corresponding stimulation in both men and women. The famous prostate orgasms have their corresponding anal orgasms in women, which can be achieved by most women in the same way as most men, although not all members of each respective sex can achieve them.

Scientifically speaking, we are all (yes, men and women) almost designed to be able to have wonderful, nice, pleasurable anal orgasms, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. This is part of our humanity.

Bepatient With Anal Penetration

As I said earlier, the anus is not part of the body to be abused and can cause lasting damage if not treated properly, and this requires a lot of trust in your partner. In general, when something goes wrong with anal, it's usually that the partner practicing it isn't patient enough, or the partner doesn't build enough trust or practice before trying it. You can use an anal anesthetic if you are starting with anal play, but always make sure that your partner will perform anal sex calmly.

The fact is that as we grow as a species, certain groups of people will reach new heights of sexual pleasure and orgasmic ecstasy, and double penetration is an extremely easy way to achieve this for those who enjoy it.


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