Can Men Use Dildo For Masturbate?

Author: Bestvibe Date:16-05-2022

Many people feel uncomfortable talking about sex, but talking about sex is very important to having a satisfying sex life with or without a partner. For this reason, I propose this topic on "the use of dildos in men", a topic that for some unfounded reason is considered a taboo. In most cases,  the male dildo and other adult toys have a great function in our sexual life, either "alone" or with a partner. Generally, the use of dildos is more associated with women, as are vibrators and other sex toys. However, men can also use this type of object, both in their relationship with their partner, as a kind of complement for the couple, as well as in themselves. Unfortunately, most men are ashamed to say they use consolation, largely because of the stigma and prejudice related to it. However, many men who try it, come to like it. And there is no problem with that.

Dildos for men are sex toys with varied characteristics that can be included in relationships, or simply used to masturbate, including endless new sensations. If you are still a novice in the use and acquisition of this type of toys, keep reading this article and, perhaps, you will dare to leave taboos behind and immerse yourself in more sensual terrain. In recent years, the use of erotic toys for men has spread , from the famous canned vaginas to vibrating rings, as well as anal replicas or realistic dolls made of materials that are increasingly similar to the touch of human skin, this is the case of the popular realistic sex dolls  that closely resemble the body of a real woman and also that of a man. On demand, today there is a wide variety of male masturbators on the market, designed to give pleasure during masturbation.

A fantastic idea, if you are thinking of giving a gift or if your best friend's birthday has arrived and you want to surprise him with something original, it could be a sex toy, which he will certainly not hesitate to use. Without complications, or prejudices, this can be a great gift for men. You will be reading and you may think that it is nonsense, but what you are reading is not a matter of jokes. The use of the dildos for men is beneficial to health and prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual stimulators (which can be used by gay and straight men) to stimulate the "P" point,  are an ideal tool to deal with sensitive issues of  male sexuality, therefore, they have benefits beyond fun.


The first thing to consider is that men's dildos are not just for gay men. In fact, 50% of straight men have already tried them at least once. This may be due to the fact that one of the most erogenous zones in men is the prostate. There, is the well-known point P that, when stimulated, can produce orgasms of greater intensity and duration. In this sense, it is very important to have an open mind and a willingness to experiment with this type of accessories. Anal penetration can be a sublime act that consolidates the relationship. Role reversal fantasies are very common and including a dildo in foreplay, and during sex itself, can bring a lot of pleasure to both of you. In addition to being an  intimate act of complicity that will maintain the union in the couple. Therefore, if you want to get out of the routine, enjoy new experiences as a couple or alone and simply give free rein to your curiosity, the dildo may be the ideal tool to start with.


One of the most common mistakes is to think that its use is quite obvious and that no instructions are needed. However, these sex toys can be used in many different ways and it is sensible to know some features for their safe and comfortable use. First of all, you should know that not all dildos are safe for anal penetration. These must have a specific shape with a broader base that prevents their total slipping inside the anus. Then the use of lubricants is important , especially those based on water that avoid allergies and the deterioration of the dildo. It is also prudent to use condoms with these erotic toys, since they facilitate cleaning and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections, in those cases where the dildo is shared.

Additionally, it is ideal to wash the appliance before using it for the first time, and each time you use it afterward. Checking that there are no sharp edges or exaggerated bumps that could tear the anus. Also, check the material your toy is made of and the quality of it. There are some very cheap ones that have holes and are made of materials that are susceptible to rupture, which could cause small fragments to be inserted into the anus and cause unnecessary infection and inflammation. Once you have followed these recommendations, the next thing is to feel comfortable and relaxed. You can start solo to avoid distractions. Stimulate your genitals for foreplay to build a degree of arousal before your first dildo experience.Start the penetration with the erotic toy slowly, using varied movements and rhythms . You can increase the speed and try deep penetration, making sure you feel comfortable at all times . When you already identify the rhythm and depth that you like the most, you can include your partner and communicate the pertinent instructions.


1.       They improve sexual functions : These objects allow the person to know better what they like about sex. Sex toys help discover the most erogenous zones and stimulate them. They also allow to enhance pleasure during sex.

2.       Liberating effect: Thanks to the dildo you can break the monotony during sex. They are a fun way to break the sexual routine and experience new sensations giving more freedom for self-exploration.

3.       More attention : Women who use vibrators are more familiar with their intimacy, so they go more to the gynecologist to treat their health problems. In the case of men, it helps to pay more attention to the study and care of prostate health. For example: activating the G or P point of the man to reach ejaculation, it also reduces prostate pain, inflammation and improves the health of the prostate gland.

4.       They help with anorgasmia: This dysfunction prevents a person from reaching orgasm during sex, but with erotic toys this can be reversed.


Dildos for men have very varied shapes and are made of various materials . We will mention below some of the most common.

·         Small (up to 12 cm)

This model is ideal for beginners. Its discreet size and affordable price are perfect for those men who still have reservations about getting into the use of dildos.

·         Medium (from 12 to 18 cm)

The measurements of these conform to those of a real penis. The vast majority of dildos for men and women come in this presentation, which is why they are very popular and the best-selling.

·         Double dildos

As its name indicates, these dildos are designed to enjoy penetration in couples. Although its use alone is not ruled out, taking advantage of the length of one of the ends for better handling .

·         Strapon dildos

This type of dildo comes with a harness or strap that is used for fastening to the waist, which provides better mobility and the sensation of being penetrated by the woman with the erotic, emotional and psychological connotations that this entails, which allows a closer without equal in the couple.

Dare to try new things

Including sex toys in the sexual act requires a degree of trust in the couple that is achieved with a good dose of communication. If you are interested in trying new sensations and exploring your sexuality at all levels, you should talk about it with your partner . It is normal for doubts to arise at first that will be resolved as you go along.


Role-playing sex games may generate unexpected reactions at first, but they are sure to be fun and provide extreme intensity arousal for both of you. This achieves a greater degree of complicity in the couple .


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