What Is A Thrusting Dildo And It's Better Than A Penis?

Author: Bestvibe Date:27-04-2022

Sex technology has come a long way as more innovative devices hit the market every year. While nothing comes close to that intimate moment when you have actual sex with your partner, sex toys introduce a new dimension to one's sex life. They can enhance sexual experiences from vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation to anal penetration, opening you to a whole new world of sexual pleasure. Sex toys come in all forms, shapes, and sizes and offer different stimulation experiences, but nothing comes close to the pleasure you experience when using a thrusting dildo. If you get off to lots of hot action during sex, intense vibration, and heavy-duty movement, then a thrusting dildo is something you ought to own, at least in your lifetime. A thrusting dildo or vibrator is not something many women gravitate toward, but if you learn how it works and how to use one, you are a step away from the most intense of orgasms you will ever achieve. 

What is a Thrusting Dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy designed to aid penetration (vaginal or anal), but you can use it in many other ways. Dildos are designed to resemble a man's penis and therefore differ in girth and length. Thrusting dildos take it to a whole new level, though. Generally, a thrusting dildo is still a penetrative sex toy, but it uses a motor to move in and out. Like any dildo, a thrusting dildo is meant to penetrate the vagina or anus just like a penis of a strap-on dildo would. But that is not all. Thrusting dildos stand out because of one thing; you don't need a partner or your hands to enjoy the experience. 

Thrusting dildos and vibrators have a mechanism that creates a thrusting motion causing the toy to move up and down. This movement creates the same sensation that a penis creates while thrusting during actual sex, if not better. Since your hands are free when using a thrusting dildo, you can explore other areas of your body, intensifying the whole experience and orgasms, which is the whole point of using a sex toy anyway. Some vibrators have mechanisms that offer different patterns and speeds of vibration. A thrusting dildo, however, adds the motion that such toys lack. 

Is a Thrusting Dildo Better Than a Penis?

A thrusting dildo provides an automatic up and down thrusting movement inside the anus or vagina. Thrusting dildos come in different shapes, from realistic penis-looking dildos to beaded jack rabbit vibrators, feminine butterfly vibrators, and thin anal thrusting dildos. Whichever your favorite is, it will come with that thrusting movement that intensifies any solo moment or that time you decide to add kink to your sex life. 

The self-thrusting, hand-free sex toys are modifications of the standard dildos and vibrators. The top third of a thrusting dildo has the sensation of movement visible when the dildo retracts and extends when inside you or your partner. Some thrusting dildos, however, have a hollow shaft that moves due to a magnetic mechanism inside stimulating a thumping rather than a thrusting motion. Most thrusting dildos in the market are battery-operated, but there is growing popularity in rechargeable dildos.  

We can talk all day about how stimulating thrusting dildos are and how many intense orgasms you will get. However, the question is, are they better than a penis? There is a whole array of thrusting dildos out there if you know where to look. There's something for everyone, whether a thrusting anal teaser, a rotating clit tickler, or a wriggling ribbed shaft. The truth is that a thrusting dildo will always deliver the kind of pleasure you want and more. 

Now that sounds amazing. So, why would anyone settle for a standard dildo or the old-fashioned male penis when all you need is to lay back, set up your thrusting dildo, and enjoy the toe-curling pleasurable experience these little devices pack? Here is why; a thrusting dildo may hit all the right spots and some that your partner (s) misses, but it can never replace the companionship, passion, and warmth an actual partner brings to the table. 

At first glance, the shaft's thrusting up and down motion is enticing. This is because it's supposed to mimic the motions of the actual sexual act, but the feel of sex will be missing. A thrusting dildo's strongest selling point is the up and down movement that feels "deep" when using it. The hand-free aspect is also tempting. There is only one problem; the whole shaft doesn't move as most people believe. Only the top third portion of the thrusting dildo moves up and down. So, no matter how sophisticated a thrusting dildo is, it could never fully replicate the realistic feel of sexual intercourse. A thrusting dildo is, therefore, no better than an actual penis!

It is an enticing addition to solo pleasurable moments or when you want to spice up things with your partner. The heavily ribbed feeling plus the continuous movement of the shaft is very enticing, providing unforgettable and intense pleasure as soon as you hit the power button. Some thrusting dildos come with rotating and spinning metal beads ready to hit all the right spots, be it the G-spot or the P-spot. The beads twirl around the shaft, and when combined with the up and down movement of the dildo, you get an intense internal massage, something that you can't get with other sex toys. 


A thrusting dildo is not every woman's or man's cup of tea, especially if you are used to regular vibrating dildos. However, it's a perfect addition to your stash of vibrators when you want a new toy to shake things up a bit. Thrusting dildos are designed to mimic the same movement of sexual intercourse. While a thrusting dildo will definitely get you there, a penis wins in the end. When you have actual sex with a partner, there is passion, chemistry, and a connection that a dildo will never give you. You are all good to use it, though, when all you want is some alone time. 


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